Sjeverni Velebit

National Park Sjeverni Velebit, (Northern Velebit), is the youngest national park in Croatia. It was founded in 1999 and started work in September the same year.

The Park covers the surface of 109 km2, of the northern part of the Velebit Mountain, the largest mountain in Croatia, the whole of which is a nature park, a lesser category of nature conservation,  and inside there is the Hajdučki & Rožanski Ledges Strict Reserve, famous for its geomorphological phenomena - the pits. Until now, there are more than 150 pits discovered, out of which the most famous is Luke's pit, discovered in 1992. The most unique landscapes and the greatest wealth of flora and fauna are to be found in the area of the Sjeverni Velebit National Park. There are a number of exceptional features: the conle-like karstic formations know as "Hajducki kukovi" and "Rozanski kukovi", the botanical garden set in a natural environment, and the deep Lukina jama, Luka's hole. That is why Croatian mountaineers regard this area as the most precious jewel among all Croatia's mountains. The Park is criss-crossed with numerous mountaineering trails.

The most famous and widely known is the Premužić's trail, named after its constructor, the BSc forestry Ante Premužić who built it in the late 1933. The path runs through the most beautiful and the most interesting parts of the park. From the numerous peaks in the surroundings you can have a magnificent view on the Adriatic Sea and its islands.