Black summer truffles – Gourmet mushrooms

Truffles can also be described as gourmet mushrooms, because they have a pungent, intense, earthy smell that gives food a unique taste. They are used in very small quantities, which is still enough to turn any dish into a gourmet experience. Truffles grow all over the world, but France and Italy are considered to be the most important finds. The most famous truffle site in Croatia is the valley of the Mirna river in Istria where we can find the most popular type of this mushroom – Black summer truffles. 

There are two main types of truffles, namely – black and white. Given the many subspecies of black and white truffles, we distinguish them by their appearance, smell and aroma. The white truffle is the most prized and rarest mushroom in the world. Its season lasts from September to the end of January. In the summer season, it is available in frozen form. The most common type of white truffle available in Croatia is Tuber magnatum – Noble white truffle.

Black truffles are more numerous and therefore more available on the market. The most common species in Croatia are Tuber melanosporum – Noble black truffle, Tuber aestivum – Black Summer truffle and Tuber brumale – Winter truffle. During the summer season, the most popular is the Black Summer Truffle, famous for its delicate aroma and taste.

Truffles are an excellent for aromatising various foods. Therefore, we have available white or black truffle olive oils, cheese with truffles, salami with truffles, olives with truffles, chocolate with truffles, even chips with truffles.

Also, for an even more intense experience, we also offer white and black truffle creams, which, with the addition of fresh truffles, perfectly contribute to the overall impression.

How to store truffles?

Moisture is the greatest enemy of truffles, before and between uses it is best to wrap a dry truffle in a clean paper towel, tightly seal it in a jar and store it in the refrigerator door. For a longer period, black truffles can be stored in the freezer. They can be frozen individually wrapped in foil and vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag or packed in plastic bags with olive oil, without contact with air. Frozen truffles do not need to be thawed before use – finely grated frozen truffles will be melted by the heat of the food.

How to use truffles?

In order to get the most out of truffles, it is best to serve them as simply as possible. Do not cook it, but grate it or cut it finely on a warm dish to enjoy the aroma and smell. It goes well with pasta, rice, eggs, raw dishes such as carpaccio, and fish dishes. Get inspired here.

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