Black summer truffles – Gourmet mushrooms

Truffles can also be described as gourmet mushrooms, because they have a pungent, intense, earthy smell that gives food a unique taste. They are used in very small quantities, which is still enough to turn any dish into a gourmet experience. Truffles grow all over the world, but France and Italy are considered to be […]

Wineries to visit in Istria

Croatia’s largest peninsula, for the last ten years has been slowly but surely becoming a synonym for a true wine hotspot, as confirmed by numerous international awards and recognitions it is receiving. The wineries that adorn and enrich the Istrian region are true relaxing oases bathed in the Mediterranean sun. In our opinion, enjoying top […]

Provence Rose Wines

Rose wine is the most common selection among most wine lovers while vacationing on sea. We can agree that the light, refreshing and fruity character of the Rose is also the perfect definition of the Summer holidays in the Adriatic. Furthermore, Rose wine is often known as a perfect match with the local Mediterranean cuisine. […]