Caviar – Sturgeon roe

Sturgeon roe is generally referred as Caviar. However, the term is also used to describe roe of other fish. So among others we also gave trout, whitefish and salmon roe/ caviar. Traditionally, we have three types of caviar – Beluga, Ossetra/ Oscietra and Sevruga.

Beluga Caviar is the most prestigious variety because of its soft, large eggs. Its colour can vary from pale silver to black. Second by quality is Ossetra, also named Russian Caviar. Its colour varies from dark brown to gold. Lighter colour one is more in demand since it originates from older Sturgeon. Next one, quality wise, is grey Sevruga Caviar. There is also a Siberian Caviar variety, which is very similar to Sevruga one. Sevruga roe is considered medium-small. Its main characteristics are buttery taste notes, minerality and higher brine content than other kinds.

Caviar is usually an appetiser by itself or plated on blinis or crackers, lightly buttered with addition of crème fraîche among other serving ideas. Also, it can be used in main courses as a garnish to oysters or wrapped up in Jamon Iberico, or even added to desserts. It is also a great match with alcoholic beverages. Some of the most consumed options are traditionally with very chilled vodka or most popular way, Champagne.

Caviar is best served chilled, on a bed of crushed ice in order to maintain the right temperature for consumption and enjoyment of its authentic taste. Metal spoons as a serving option should be avoided because this way metal can dominate over the delicate aroma of Caviar. True tasting experience can be accomplished by using the Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon. Below you can see the recommended Caviar serving guide.

Caviar serving guide How to serve caviar Petrossian caviar

We work with a range of Caviar producers to cover all possible requests that may occur and guarantee the best taste and quality. Nevertheless, if your clients are specific about the producer that they have preference for feel free to let us know and we will do our best to respond ASAP. For all other inquiries or additional information that you may need please do not hesitate to contact us.