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Yacht Provisioning in Croatia – Guide

If Croatian coast is included in your charter plans for the upcoming season, we are excited to be your guides! With its rich culinary heritage, fresh local produce and vibrant food scene, Croatia offers a treasure trove of flavours waiting to be discovered. Since we understand the importance of ensuring the accessibility to the finest ingredients needed to create culinary masterpieces that will delight your guests and elevate their dining experience on board, we prepared a short how-to guide on yacht provisioning in Croatia.


5 Tips for Yacht Provisioning in Croatia


1. Plan Ahead

Create a detailed provisioning list based on the duration of the trip, number of guests onboard, and any specific dietary preferences or restrictions specified on the Preference lists. This will help you avoid last-minute rushes and ensure that you have everything you need. We are standing on disposal for the support, if needed. 


2.  Croatian Local Delicacies  

As an addition to world-popular dishes and produce, Croatia unquestionably offers a diversity of ingredients that inspire the exquisite Mediterranean menu which will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Be adventurous with incorporating local specialities. Fresh seafood, fresh meat, olive oil, cheese, black summer truffles will definitely elevate the gourmet yacht experience for your clients.


3. In Yacht Provisioning – Fresh is Best 

Opt for fresh produce whenever possible – from wild caught fish and seafood, grain or grass-fed meat to organic vegetables. As local experts with a long term experience we are able to recommend certain high-quality products that are in season and that will inspire your process of creating a menu. 

Moreover, we offer complete support and flexibility while making an order. This includes portioning and cleaning of the fish, meat or any other products as well as ensuring the supply of the highest quality ingredients. 


4. Don’t Forget Beverages

Quench the thirst with a selection of refreshing beverages, including local and foreign wines, craft beers, and non-alcoholic options.

Cuisine influenced by Mediterranean ingredients perfectly blends with worldly recognised Croatian wine. So we especially encourage you to discover various wine regions, from the Malvasia wine from the Istria region to the Plavac wine from the South of Croatia, there is no doubt that the food and wine pairing won’t add up to the full gastronomy experience. 

Lastly, remember to cater to the preferences of your guests and have plenty of water on board to stay hydrated.


6. Consider Convenience 

Indulging in gourmet delights is a highlight of yacht provisioning. With this in mind, it is important to organise everything on time in order to ensure impeccable service. This provides a great advantage to Chefs, Stewardesses and other crew in preparations to guest arrival as well as the Yacht Provisioning team to supply the products on time. The Croatian coast is very long and indented, it consists of numerous islands. This in some cases makes delivery somewhat more demanding so it is crucial to maintain mutual communication to ensure smooth cooperation. 


We have carefully compiled the 2024. season Provisioning Catalogues which are created in order to present our main offerings. 

They consist of Food & Beverage and Wine Catalogue. To explore our offer please contact us here.